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2015 membership signup is available now. Don't forget that memberships must be current in order to play in a social event, join a league team, compete on the ladder and/or play in Drop-In more than two times.  


For 49 years and counting the BTA has been the proud sponsor of the annual Austin Scott Memorial Tournament, currently USTA designated for 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0 and wheelchair and one of the largest tournaments in Colorado, with a turn-out of around 350-400 participants.

2015 Dates: May 2nd - May 9th

A snapsot of local tournaments can be found on our tournament page.


As of 2013 ALL players will have to create a personal account with the USTA. Every player who plays on an USTA or CTA team must create their own accounts at Captains and coordinators will not be able to create these accounts. It will be up to the individual players to do this BEFORE they can be registered on a team. If a captain brings a list of team members, has the money, and BTA memberships included, but a member hasn’t created this account, the coordinator will not be able to add this person. If your team only has the minimum and the deadline is that day, it will be impossible to create the team and the team will have to be dissolved. There will be nothing that the coordinators or captains can do. All captains must stress this change to their team members.

Please alert your team members that when they are creating this account with USTA, they will have to provide email and phone numbers. These are mandatory fields created by USTA. There will be advantages, eventually, to this system as USTA members will be to manage their personal information (such as self ratings for new players) online with greater accountability and flexibility.

You must be a BTA member AND a USTA member in good standing to play on a league team and have a USTA personal account. There is also a seperate fee for league play. Also, it is common for each player to contribute money for food and/or drink for socializing after a league match. Check out the 2015 BTA League brochure (PDF) for more information. USTA members can click here to find your rating.

The 2015 league CTA and USTA change synopsis explains all the new changes in a nutshell.

BTA League Coordinators to contact with questions are:

Sylvia Henderson at 303-651-1292; Colleen Weaverling at 303-666-6275; Mara Frazier at 303-499-3348; Linda Levy at 720-839-8999

ladder play

Ladder play has been suspended for 2015, due to lack of interest. If you are interested in leading a revitalization of the ladder play for BTA and have great ideas to get the BTA community invested, please send an email to

Flex Leagues

As an alternative to ladder play, USTA Colorado is offering Flex Leagues which work like ladder play. To register for Flex Leagues, each person contacts USTA Colorado individually to get into the schedule. There will be 3 seasons with matches assigned during each season. The cost is $18 for Singles and $12/person for Doubles per season. You coordinate when/where with your opponent and matches do not count towards your NTRP rating. For more information, please call 303-695-4116 x 225.


Official Drop-in will take place every Saturday morning from early May through October. See the drop-In page for more information.

Boulder County Cup

BTA won the cup this year in a close match. For 2015 LTA will host this event and we hope to start recruiting players early this year.